Dublin Castle Bess



    Originally designated the Land Service Musket of the King’s Pattern this weapon, which began production in 1730, is today referred to as the Long Land or 1st Model Brown Bess.

    It was the standard arm of the British Forces fighting in the Americas during the French & Indian War. In the American Revolution, the 1st Models saw widespread used with British Regulars, Loyalists, and Patriot troops particularly in the conflict’s early years.

    Initially produced with iron hardware and a wooden ramrod, Dublin Castle Bess Muskets were often upgraded with steel ramrods which were less prone to breakage.

Our Reproduction

    Our reproduction 1730 Dublin Castle Long Land (1st Model) Brown Bess is faithful to the original in design and functionality. It features a .74 caliber barrel, hardwood stock, and bright finish.

    The weapon has proper lock markings, aprons, and iron furniture. Like all of our muskets, it comes with a limited warranty. The musket’s hammer has been adequately hardened to provide a shower of sparks and comes with a lifetime rehardening guarantee.


OAL: 62 in
Weight: 10 lbs
Caliber: .75
Lock: Flint
Bayonet: Socket
Ball: .735-.738

1730 Dublin Castle Long Land Bess

Dublin Castle Brown Bess
1730 Dublin Castle
Reproduction Brown Bess
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With Wood or Metal Ramrod

With Wood or Metal Ramrod



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