Heavy Dragoon



The 1738 Land Service (Heavy Dragoon) Pistol is as legendary as it is beautiful. It features the distinctive “long-ear’d” buttcap, elliptical aprons, and stock swell, and was produced, with minor variations, from the 1740’s to the 1790’s. The handgun’s lock maintained the unique “banana shape” and incorporated a double bridle. The 1738 pistol saw action in the French & Indian War, Revolutionary War, frontier actions, and even was used as late as the War of 1812.

Our Reproduction

Our reproduction 1738 Land Service (Heavy Dragoon) Pistol is a faithful recreation of this important arm. It features a 62 caliber barrel, hardwood stock, and bright finish. The stock’s distinctive swell and ornate aprons are complemented by the polished brass hardware including long-eared buttplate and rounded sideplate. The weapon points well and has proper lock markings. It comes with a limited warranty. The hammer has been adequately hardened and comes with a lifetime re-hardening guarantee.

OAL: 19.5 in
Barrel: 12 In
Caliber: .62
Lock: Flint
Bore: Smooth
Ball: .595-.600

1738 Heavy Dragoon Pistol

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Heavy Dragoon Pistol
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