1748 Artillery


After the introduction of the 1744 British Cavalry (Horse) Carbine, other branches of service began to have the carbines modified in order to better meet their particular needs. One of these modifications resulted in the creation of the 1748 Artillery Carbine.

The 1748 Artillery Carbine had the same 37 inch barrel as the Horse Carbine, but the stock was cut back and a lug applied in order that the piece might accept a bayonet. Furthermore, the sling bar was removed and a set of more traditional musket sling swivels were added to the forearm and triggerguard. These carbines saw service with the artillery, highlanders, and light infantry during the French & Indian War.

Our reproduction 1748 Artillery Carbine handles and points well. The piece offers significant weight savings over the heaver Long Land Pattern Bess. It will accept a standard bess bayonet, and is the perfect compliment to your F&I, Rev War, or other early American impression.

Barrel: 37 in
Caliber: .75 cal
Lock: Flint
Ball: .69-.72

1748 British Artillery Carbine

1748 Artillery Carbine
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