1773/90 Eliott Dragoon Carbine


The 1773 British Eliott Dragoon Carbine was adopted by crown forces during the Revolutionary War and remained in use by them all the way through the Napoleonic period. The distinguishing feature of the carbine was the unique ramrod catch integrated into the rod and nosecap. The piece saw only slight modification in design during its nearly 40 years of production, the most notable being the change to the East India Pattern lock in 1790. In the Americas, the Eliott carbines were again used by the British during the War of 1812.

Following the close of the Napoleonic War, many Eliott Carbines were sold to other countries as surplus including Mexico. It is believed that Mexican troops carried the Eliott Carbine during both the Texas Revolution and Mexican War.


1773/90 British Eliott Carbine

Brown Bess Carbine for sale
Flintlock Cavalry Carbine

Caliber: .74
Lock: Flint
Bayonet: Socket
Ball: .70-.72

Eliott Cavalry Carbine
Revolutionary War carbine



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