3rd Model Bess



    By the early 1790’s, the British had decided to replace the Short Land muskets. Before the new designs could be implemented, however, war with France prompted the need for increased production and the new musket was set aside in favor of a more familiar arm. The weapon that was adopted was the 1795 East India Pattern (3rd Model) Brown Bess.

    Millions of the EIP Bess muskets were produced. They saw extensive service in Europe during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. In the Americas, the 1795 EIP Bess was the standard arm carried by British troops fighting the War of 1812.

Our Reproduction

    Our reproduction 1795 East India Pattern (3rd Model) Brown Bess is an affordable and reliable recreation of this important arm. It features a 39 inch, .74 caliber barrel with a bright finish. The brass hardware accents the color of the dark stained hardwood stock.

    The weapon comes with period lock markings. Like all of our muskets, it comes with a limited warranty. The musket’s hammer has been adequately hardened and comes with a lifetime re-hardening guarantee.

OAL: 55 in
Weight: 9 lbs
Caliber: .75
Lock: Flint
Bayonet: Socket
Ball: .735-.738

1795 East India (3rd Model) Bess

3rd Model Brown Bess Bayonet
East India Pattern Brown Bess
EIC Brown Bess
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