1795 Springfield



    In 1795, the US adopted its first regulation muskets. They were copies of the 1766 and 1768 French Charleville muskets used by American troops during the Revolutionary War. Those produced upon the 1768 Charleville pattern featured a lower band spring and a bayonet lug on the top of the barrel. Muskets produced from 1795-1798 bore no lock markings. Beginning in 1799, locks were marked with the name ‘Springfield’ as well as with an eagle over the letters US.

    The 1795 Springfield muskets would see service during all of America’s early conflicts including the actions along the nation’s expanding frontier and during the War of 1812. They were again called to action during the Seminole Wars and the Mexican War. Many were later converted to percussion by the Confederacy for use in the Civil War.

Our Reproduction

    Our reproduction 1795 Springfield Musket is an accurate and beautiful recreation of this historic arm. It features a .69 caliber barrel, bright hardware, and brass blade sight. The dark stained stock contrasts boldly with the smooth silvery polish of the lock and hardware.

    Our reproduction is of the earliest form of the musket. These 3,500 Springfields were produced without lock markings. (Muskets with lock markings are available for an additional $35 charge.)

    As with all of our weapons, it comes with a limited warranty. The musket’s hammer (frizzen) has been adequately hardened and comes with a lifetime re-hardening guarantee. Bayonets are available.

OAL: 60 in
Weight: 8.5 lbs
Caliber: .69
Lock: Flint
Bayonet: Socket
Ball: .644-662

1795 Springfield

War of 1812 Springfield
1795 Springfield musket for sale
1795 Springfield musket



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