Baker Rifle


The Pattern 1800 British Infantry Rifle - commonly known as the Baker Rifle - entered service as a weapon designed for use by British rifle regiments. The weapons themselves were stylistically similar to the common German jaeger rifle. Several variations of the rifle were manufactured, and they saw extensive use during the Napoleonic War. Although designated for use with rifle regiments, they eventually found their way into service with some light infantry companies and skirmishers.

In the America’s, the Baker saw use with British troops fighting the War of 1812 in Canada and at the Battle of New Orleans. Many Baker rifles were also sold to other countries, and the Baker was carried into action by Mexican soldiers assaulting the Alamo.

Our reproduction Baker Rifle is offered in smoothbore only at this time. It is otherwise an authentic reproduction of this historic piece, well suited for the reenactor, living historian, or shooter desiring an easy to point, shorter, smoothbore musket. Its barrel is held in place with removable keys that make cleaning a breeze. 


OAL: 46 in
Caliber: .62
Lock: Flint
Ball: .54-.60

Baker Rifle (Smoothbore)



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