Boxlock Dagger Pistol


Boxlock flint pistols began to become popular during the 1730’s and would remain a leading firearms design well into the 1800‘s. They were superseded in popularity only after the emergence of percussion revolvers. The heyday of the boxlocks saw the manufacture of some really unique designs. One of the more popular add-ons was a spring loaded, flip bayonet.

Our reproduction boxlock dagger pistol features a brass .45 caliber, cannon muzzled barrel and integral engraved lock. There is an externally activated half-cock safety catch that is engaged via a slide on top of the grip. The imposing triangular bayonet is released by pulling back on the triggerguard and automatically locks into its ‘ready’ position. There is even provision for the included wooden ramrod.

Boxlock Dagger Pistol

firing flint pistol
firing flintlock pistol for sale

Caliber: .45
Lock: Flint
Bore: Smooth
Ball: .40 - .42



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