DogLock Blunderbuss



    From the late 1600’s forward, the Blunderbuss became the weapon of choice for close quarters combat and personal defense. The blunderbuss’ short barrel and wide mouth made loading while on horseback, riding in a carriage, or aboard a pitching ship’s deck easier to manage.

    Blunderbusses came in many forms and were used by the military and civilians alike. The doglock blunderbuss, with its distinctive catch, was one of the earlier forms of a weapon that would have seen service with armies, navies, privateers, and civilians the world over. Today, the unique appearance of the blunderbuss is associated with Pirates and Buccaneers.

Our Reproduction

    Our reproduction 17th century Blunderbuss calls to mind the days of sail, and the romance and danger of a time when pirates roamed the seas. It features a 16 inch, .75 caliber brass barrel with flared muzzle. The barrel is octagon-to-round in form and is accented by dual bands and an engraved steel tang. At just 31 inches in overall length, this scattergun can be wielded with ease on deck and handily managed on the rigging.

    As with all of our weapons, it comes with a limited warranty. The hammer (frizzen) has been adequately hardened and comes with a lifetime re-hardening guarantee.

OAL: 31 in
Weight: 6.5 lbs
Caliber: .75
Lock: Dog
Bayonet: None
Ball: .735-.738

DogLock Brass Barrel Blunderbuss

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Brass Barrel Blunderbuss
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