Uniform Services


    Veteran Arms, LLC is pleased to offer the following items of historical clothing and equipment for sale. The following items are usually in stock and ready to ship.


We Can Assist your Unit or Production

Civil War reenactment uniforms for sale

Historical Clothing

Civil War reenactor clothing
Civil War sutler
French and Indian War Sutler
Eastern Woodland Porcupine Hair Roach

Porcupine Hair Roach

Woodland Indian


Red, White, or Yellow

Battle reenactment clothing
Tippecanoe Uniform


More Items Coming Soon!

Napoleonic War Sutler
Creek Indian War sutler
Civil War Uniform manufacturer
Civil War sutler uniforms
Rendezvous clothing for sale
War of 1812 uniforms for sale
War of 1812 sutler
Historical reenactment clothing for sale
Revolutionary War sutler
Revolutionary War uniforms for sale
Revolutionary War reenactment clothing

Veteran Arms can assist film and television productions, historical museums and parks, and other clients with their custom bulk uniform requirements.

With minimums starting at 25+ pcs, Veteran Arms can assist with the research, development, and production of your project’s historical military uniform and equipment needs.

Contact us today for more information.


Examples of Custom Work

Civil War haversack for sale
Civil War Cartridge Box for sale