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Veteran Arms, LLC is pleased to recommend our friends at King’s Forge for the best in hand crafted, quality tomahawks, knives, swords, spears, pikes, halberds, and camp wares.

Will King is a skilled craftsman versed in the the time honored tradition of the forge, hammer, and anvil. Whether it be a throwing axe, pirate cutlass, or custom rapier, the pieces that Will creates are both beautiful and functional. Will has produced pieces for re-enactors, museums, and for film and television productions and will be happy to assist you with creating the perfect piece for your historical impression. Contact Will today to at King’s Forge to discuss your project.

Below are some examples of Will’s custom forge work. Click on any caption below to access more information on the King’s Forge Website.

Will also creates other unique custom items. Below are examples of some of his other work.


King’s Forge
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Pistol Cutlass
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King’s Forge - The Best in Quality

Hand Forged Tomahawks
Smoking Hawks
Reproduction Swords and Rapiers
Revolutionary War Tomahawks
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Pistol Boarding Axe
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Iroquois Tomahawk

Indian War Club
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War club with spike
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