Doglock Carbine


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Following quickly on the heals of the development of the snaphaunce came the dog lock. The principle advancement in design was that the frizzen and pan cover were integrated into a single piece. Additionally, an external dog or catch was added to the lockplate. It was designed to engage a notch at the rear of the cock and act as a half-cock or safety.

The English Doglock musket was popular from the late 1600’s through to the mid-1700’s. Some even saw service during the Revolutionary War. They came in a myriad of configurations and saw widespread use both in Europe and in the Americas.

Our English Doglock Carbine is representative of the type that would have been common from the 1690’s onward. Unlike the longer musket version, however, this Doglock Carbine has a shorter barrel perfect for shipboard activities or where a longer barrel might be less manageable. It has a plain flat steel buttplate, only two ramrod pipes, and three lock bolts with no sideplate.

Caliber: .75
Lock: Doglock
Bayonet: Plug
Ball: .68-.72

Doglock Carbine

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