Doglock Pistol



    The doglock was one in a series of developments leading to the flintlock. Doglock weapons were widely used by the military and civilians alike until the mid-1700’s. They were especially popular with the English and Dutch.

    The most prominent feature of the doglock is the external catch which is used to hold the cock in the half-cock position. Later flintlocks would incorporate the half-cock into the tumbler.

Our Reproduction:

    Our reproduction Doglock Pistol is true to the original in form and beauty. It features a bright barrel and brass hardware. Just like the originals, there is no sideplate or external bridle between the pan and frizzen. The hardwood stock is slender and comfortable. The piece points well and requires no defarbing. Whether portraying a soldier, civilian, pirate, or simply sporting for fun, this pistol is sure to please.

    As with all of our weapons, the Doglock Pistol comes with a limited warranty and a 10-day money back guarantee. The frizzen is adequately hardened and comes with a lifetime re-hardening guarantee.

OAL: 19.5 in
Barrel: 12 In
Caliber: .60
Lock: Flint
Bore: Smooth
Ball: .575-.580

Doglock Pistol

doglock pistol
dog lock pistol
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