Eliott Light Dragoon



    The 1756 Eliott Light Dragoon Pistol was a variation of the long-lived British Land Service Pistol that had begun production around 1703. Unlike previous models, the Eliott Light Dragoon Pistol was manufactured with a shorter barrel and flat side-plate. This lighter, more manageable pistol saw service in the hands of British forces serving in the Americas during the American Revolution and War of 1812.

Our Reproduction:


    Our reproduction Eliott Light Dragoon Pistol is true to the original in form and function. Its hardwood stock beautifully compliments the bright barrel and brass hardware. The shorter barrel length makes this pistol very light and comfortable in the hand, especially for shooters of smaller stature.

    Like all of our weapons, the Eliott Pistol comes with a limited warranty. It has an adequately hardened frizzen and comes with a lifetime re-hardening guarantee.



OAL: 16 in
Barrel: 9 In
Caliber: .60
Lock: Flint
Bore: Smooth
Ball: .575-.580

1756 eliott Light Dragoon Pistol

light dragoon pistol
Eliott light dragoon
Eliott flintlock



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