English Trade Gun



    English Trade Guns were made in a variety of styles by various makers. They were intended as non-military pieces and thus were fully stocked, not having provision for a bayonet. The styling and furniture was often utilitarian. Indeed, some were quite crude. They saw widespread use by colonists in the Americas and were often used as items of trade with the American Indian tribes. During times of conflict, they could be pressed into service with the militia.

Our Reproduction

    Our reproduction English Trade Gun is a faithful reproduction of this important arm. It features a simple brass buttplate and furniture and carries the distinctive serpentine sideplate. It is of light caliber - about .60 - and has a traditional wooden ramrod. It is shorter than many military muskets making it easier to carry in the woods and more comfortable to point. Whether your impression is civilian, militia, or American Indian, the English Trade Gun is sure to compliment.

OAL: 52.5 in
Caliber: .60 cal
Lock: Flint
Bayonet: None
Ball: .560-.580

English Trade Gun

English Trade Gun
Trade Musket
Indian Trade Gun
Colonial Musket



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