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Historical Film is our Forte

The folks at Veteran Arms LLC have provided a host of services to film, television, and theatrical productions. These services include:

Historical Film Weapons

Military History Subjects from the

1500’s through Civil War Period are our Specialty.

flintlock movie gun rental

Let Veteran Arms assist your historical production with its weapons and accessories needs. From the early 1500’s through the Civil War period, Veteran Arms can supply you with the muskets, pistols, bayonets, swords, and weapons accessories your film requires. Items are available for sale or for rent at reasonable rates to qualified productions.

For the best selection and best price, it is wise to contact Veteran Arms early in the planning process. Not sure exactly what you need, let us help.

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cannons for rent for film

Veteran Arms staff are experienced historians able to provide historical advising and research. Unsure of what type of weapons are appropriate for your film’s particular setting? Not sure how soldiers of a particular time/place should be dressed? We can conduct research and offer solutions to fit your film’s budget.

cannon rentals

Is your film production in need of cannons and other heavy weapons? Let Veteran Arms supply the guns, equipment, and personnel you need to bring your artillery scenes to life. Veteran Arms rents cannons of many different time periods. We also provide other artillery related services including crew training and cannon related props.

historical film production services

If you want real firing cannons in your film or tv production, call us first.

custom guns for film
guns for historical film

Custom carbines made for TV series “Turn”

Harpers Ferry Rifles Modified for HBO’s “Lewis & Clark”

Does your star need a custom weapon? Can’t find exactly the weapon or prop your film requires? Need a rubber stunt prop? Let Veteran Arms manufacture, modify, or source your film’s unique weapons, equipment, uniform items, or other historical props.

movie guns for rent

When working with historical firearms, knowledge and safety are of paramount importance. The folks at Veteran Arms have an extensive knowledge of the way in which historical firearms were used. We can train your actors and extras how to properly use weapons so as to appear as period correct as possible, and with the highest regard for cast and crew safety. Training and coordination services can be conducted in a number of ways depending upon the customer’s needs.

military film extras

Need soldiers for your next military history film? Veteran Arms has the resources and experience to find, train, and coordinate your film’s “army.” We can handle every aspect of the project leaving you free to focus on the filmmaking.

Our solutions are tailored for your particular production. Contacting Veteran Arms early in the planning process can save you time and money. In some instances, we can supply pre-trained extras familiar with your subject and time period and who come film ready with their own uniforms and equipment. In other cases, our knowledgable and experienced staff of trainers and coordinators will train, supervise, and coordinate your production’s extras so that they not only appear professional and historically accurate on camera, but operate in a manner which minimizes interference with the rest of the production.

Whether you are filming a commercial, documentary, or big budget feature, Veteran Arms is your best source for Historical Military Extras and Coordinators.

historical film reenactors
movie uniforms
historical film clothing rental
extras for history film
movie gun rentals
armorer services film
historical clothing for film
flintlock movie guns
georgia historical film resource
florida historical film resource

Veteran Arms can assist you in sourcing uniforms, leatherwork, accoutrements, and weapons to outfit your cast whether you need a special custom made item for one of your primary actors or dozens of complete uniforms to outfit your film’s army. Contact us early in the planning process for the best selection and best price.

Master of Arms, The History Channel

The Conspirator, The American Film Company

Fields of Freedom, Gateway Gettysburg IMAX

War So Terrible, Pamplin Historical Park

The War That Made America, PBS

April 1865, The History Channel

Unsolved History: Gettyburg, The History Channel

Battlefield Detectives: Antietam, The Learning Channel

Civil War Combat: Chickamauga, The History Channel

Gods & Generals, Warner Brothers Pictures

The Last Ditch, Georgia Public Television

Sweet Home Alabama, Touchstone Pictures

Turn: Washington’s Spies, American Movie Classics

Shipwrecked: 4D Film, Bullock Museum

Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Walt Disney Pictures

Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Walt Disney Pictures

Field of Lost Shoes, Brookwell-McNamara Entertainment

Sons of Guns, The Discovery Channel

From Dusk Til Dawn, El Ray Network

Headin’ for Mexico, Yellow Rose Films

Lewis & Clark, HBO

Lost City of Z, Paramount

Roots, A&E / The History Channel

Cloak & Dagger, Freeform

Timeless, NBC

Les Miserables, Toronto Productions, Broadway

Washington’s Armor, Tammy Lane Productions

Shenandoah, The Serenbe Playhouse

Barkskins, National Geographic

And Many Others...

The following are just a few of the many films, television, and theatrical productions where you can see Veteran Arms products in use or in which the staff at Veteran Arms assisted the production.