Fusil De Chasse



    The economy of the French Colonies in the Americas depended in large part on the acquisition and export of furs. North America’s vast wilderness was an bountiful source, but not without the proper tools. Beginning in the 1680’s the French began importing weapons designed to meet the needs of colonial woodsmen. The arms were light, rugged, and effective, and although they underwent some refinements during the period of their use, they remained much the same for nearly 80 years.

    The Fusil de Chasse (French for “shotgun” or “hunting gun”) was one of the designs that saw widespread use with frontiersmen, traders, and with the military. They were even used by English colonists who favored the sleek, lightweight design. Even after the loss of the French to the British in the French & Indian War, the weapon would continue to be used by the French in their western territories and by settlers and militia all over what is now the eastern half of the United States. 


Our Reproduction

    Our reproduction Fusil de Chasse is true to the original in both beauty and function. It features a rugged yet light weight, full length stock with distinctive swooping butt. 

    It has a .62 caliber, octagonal to round barrel with two wedding bands at the transition. The wooden ramrod is secured by three simple iron pipes that compliment the muskets other traditionally utilitarian hardware.

    The weapon requires no defarbing. Like all of our muskets it comes with a limited warranty and a lifetime frizzen re-hardening guarantee.


OAL: 62 in
Weight: 7 lbs
Caliber: .60/.62
Lock: Flint
Bayonet: None
Ball: .575-.580

Fusil De Chasse

French fusil
Fusil de chasse
french trade musket

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