10 Day Money Back Guarantee

We at Veteran Arms, LLC are dedicated to your satisfaction. With that in mind, each musket or pistol we sell comes with a 10 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, return it to us in un-modified, un-fired condition within 10 days or receipt for a full refund of your purchase price. All you pay is the shipping.

War of 1812 muskets

“The 1748 Dublin Castle Bess arrived this afternoon and...I am delighted to report that it is an absolute beauty. As pleased as I was with the 1840 Conversion musket, this one is a gem. I had to snap it a few times with a buddy and the shower of sparks was extraordinary, the fit and finish are just top notch and I cannot wait to get it to the range for some live firing...I am a most happy client of Veteran Arms...”-PG

“Just wanted to let everybody know..I purchased a Short Land Brown Bess approx. a month or so ago. I do both French & Indian and Rev. War reenacting as a British soldier, 60th. Regiment of Foot and 43rd. Regm't. of Foot...this is one BEAUTIFUL musket! Its fires and functions flawlessly, is historically accurate (even more so than the Italian makes), and didn't bankrupt me! In addition, Mr. Misulia's patience with answering my MANY questions and customer service was top notch and a breath of fresh air! Thank you Charles! I will be calling to order another musket very soon! I have also passed the Veteran Arms name around when people comment on how nice a musket I carry!”-NK

“We got the '42 today! Thanks so much!! Hubby loves it!!”-DW

“The five muskets complete with bayonets, hammer stalls and flints arrived yesterday. Just finished unpacking all of them and checking them. Very impressed and pleased with the quality. Each musket has a terrific spark...Also I want to commend you on how well packed and protected the muskets were. Definitely the best quality of packing and shipping of muskets that I have ever experienced in nearly ten years of re-enacting.” - RS