Hand Mortar



    The hand mortar was first developed during the mid-1500’s but reached is peak of popularity during the period 1670-1750. It was designed to throw an exploding grenade a further distance and with more accuracy than could be done by hand. Although used in relatively small numbers compared to other more conventional type muskets, hand mortars were employed by most European armies.

Our Reproduction

    Our reproduction hand mortar features brass hardware and a hardwood stock with raised aprons. Its early style lock has a bridleless pan. The brass barrel is as massive as it is beautiful. It has a .75 caliber chamber and 2.5 inch bore diameter. Sling swivels allow for the installation of a sling for easy carrying.

    Our hand mortar is an exclusive offering available only from Veteran Arms, LLC. They are produced in limited quantities and at a fraction of the cost of an original or expensive kit. 



OAL: 24.25 in
Chamber: .75 cal
Bore: 2.5 In
Lock: Flint
Bayonet: None
Ball: Hollow

Early 1700’s Grenadier Hand Mortar

You Asked And We Listened.

Now With A New, Larger Barrel!

Massive 2.5 inch bore with .75 caliber chamber! 

Hand Mortar
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