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    The sear-type matchlock was a refinement of the earlier serpentine lock designs. Matchlocks incorporating the new lock and fishtail stock became common during the mid-1500’s and remained in use until the end of the 17th century.

    Matchlocks of the above type saw extensive use in European conflicts including the English Civil War. They also saw widespread used during the Conquest period in the New World. Matchlocks accompanied the Conquistadors during their explorations, and defended the first Spanish, French, and British settlements in what today is the United States.

Our Reproduction

    Our reproduction Fishtail Matchlock Musket features a .75 caliber steel barrel with cannon muzzle and blade front sight. Its hardwood stock has decorative carving along its full length. The sear-type lock is true to the original in form allowing the cock to be lowered into the pan with a squeeze of the lever-style trigger.

    The weapon requires no defarbing, and comes with a limited warranty. Whether portraying a member of the settlement at Jamestown, or looking to add a challenge to your next hunt, this musket is sure to please.

OAL: 59.5 in
Weight: 9 lbs
Caliber: .75
Lock: Match
Bayonet: Plug
Ball: .735-.738

Fishtail Matchlock Musket

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Matchlock musket
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