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We have decided to continue our Huge Sale into the Summer! If you have been eyeballing a new musket or pistol, there is no better time than now to get that order placed.

What do you Make?

Charleville muskets for sale

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We Have Balls - Lead Balls....For your gun

Veteran Arms is pleased to announce another addition to our existing line of hand cast lead ammo. Now, in addition to the hand cast roundball from Brush Creek, historical shooters can purchase complete ammunition kits that include everything needed to create your own authentic paper-wrapped cartridges. Don’t be the only guy at the range with no balls.

Hawks are Flying

Off the shelves that is! Veteran Arms is pleased to announce the expansion of our line of tomahawks and hatchets. These items are not only great additions to reenactment impressions of many eras, but are also handy tools to have available in camp or on your next trekking adventure. Check them out in the Blades section.

More Accessories and Accoutrements

The inventory of offerings available from Veteran Arms LLC is growing weekly. We now stock ammo, protective gun sleeves, flasks, cartridge boxes, leatherwork, uniform accessories, and musket related items. And there is more to come! Be sure to check back often for the latest additions, and don’t forget to check our eBay listings for one of a kind items too.

If you produce an authentic or interesting piece of historical shooting equipment or gear and are looking for a retail outlet, send us and e-mail with information and photos. We are always looking for new and interesting offerings for our customers.