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Now Shipping Internationally

Veteran Arms LLC is pleased to announce we can now ship our products to most countries. See our International Orders Section below for more info.

Ordering Has Never Been Easier

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Non-Weapons Orders

Non-weapons merchandise is generally in stock and available for immediate shipment. In the case that an item is temporarily unavailable, you will be contacted with an estimated time for delivery and given the option to keep the item on backorder or cancel the order. Most non-weapons merchandise ships via USPS Priority mail.

Weapons Orders

All muskets and pistols undergo finishing in our shop here in the USA upon order. This finishing process generally takes from 4-12 weeks. Occassionally, we have finished items on hand that may be had more quickly. Please feel free to e-mail us about current inventory if you have a more immediate need. All merchandise is sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Although we generally maintain a large stock of muskets and pistols on hand which can be sent to prep upon order, some weapons orders can take a little longer to ship, depending on availability. Placing an order with Veteran Arms LLC, unless otherwise agreed in advance, implies agreement with the above estimated shipping time.

All weapons orders must be paid in full at the time of order. After initial order, the customer shall have two days to cancel the order. Because each piece is built to order, no orders shall be cancelled or refunds given after two days as those orders may have already begun prep or been used to make purchasing decisions from our suppliers.  

All muskets and pistols (except for custom work) come with a 10 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply return the piece in un-fired, un-modified condition within 10 days for a full refund of your purchase price. All you pay is the shipping.

In addition to online payment via credit card, we also accept payment via check or MO. Simply contact us to let us know what item/s you wish to purchase. We will give you a quote. Make checks and MOs payable to: Veteran Arms LLC. Payment may be forwarded to us at:

Veteran Arms LLC

P.O. Box 458

Lumpkin, GA 31815

Be sure to include a note about your order and your shipping address. Note: All checks must clear the bank before the order will ship. This can delay shipment for up to a week.

We do NOT accept Paypal for weapons purchases.

Likewise, we do not accept wampum, beaver pelts, dead animal parts, or offers of ‘trade of services’ as payment. (This is not a joke.)

Questions may be directed to:


International Orders

Veteran Arms LLC now has the ability to ship orders internationally at affordable rates to most countries.* Please read the following information carefully and feel free to inquire via e-mail if you have any questions. There is no way we can know the particular legalities of each country. Please be sure that you have the requisite permissions to import and possess merchandise prior to ordering. We are not responsible for merchandise once it is shipped. *We cannot at present service orders from Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea, or Cuba.

Non-Weapons Orders:

  Most non-weapons merchandise may be shipped directly to the purchaser via post or courier service. We normally will try to select the least expensive means of shipping unless otherwise directed. We ship all merchandise with an invoice showing the actual contents and purchase price paid. Most non-weapons merchandise will ship within a day or two of purchase. For a specific shipping quote, please contact us via e-mail to tell us what merchandise you are interested in purchasing and what address it will be shipped to. We are not responsible for customs duties or other import charges which may be incurred by the purchaser.

Blank Ammo Cartridges:

  Veteran Arms LLC can now ship blank ammo cartridges internationally. Blank cartridges are shipped via post along with a tariff declaration stating classification and compliance with all USA export regulations. Please make sure that blank cartridges may be legally imported into your country and that you possess the requisite permissions for possession. Blank orders typically ship within a day or two. We are not responsible for customs duties or other import charges which may be incurred by the purchaser.

Weapons Orders:

  Weapons orders may be placed in the same manner as domestic purchases via our website. Upon submitting a weapons order, international customers will be forwarded a Purchase Order Form via e-mail. This form must be filled out in English. This form requires the purchaser to submit contact and shipping information, preferred air cargo service port, and a statement of importability. Purchasers will be asked to submit a copy of the official gov’t paperwork showing ones eligibility to import/possess the weapon or to submit a statement that no import/possession permit is required. Weapons orders are shipped via American Air Cargo to the nearest international air cargo service port. The weapon can be picked up there by the customer, or the customer may hire a customs broker in ones own country to handle the importation and further transportation, if desired. Upon shipment, a copy of the invoice, tracking number, and AWB will be forwarded to the purchaser to assist in importation. It is impossible for us to know the the regulations related to firearms possession in each country. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to comply with all laws and regulations in his country. We are not responsible for customs duties or other import charges which may be incurred by the purchaser, or for failure to comply with applicable law or regulation in the country of import.

Questions may be directed to: